Thursday 30th September 2021 7.30pm

1. Present: Cllrs. S. Radford (Chair), A. Lagden, E. Spurdens, C. Wheatley, and Clerk Ms J. Kendall.

Apologies: Cllr. M. Wheatley

Two members of the public attended the meeting, and two district councillors.

2. Presentation by Cllr Tim Saunders, Chair of the Wakefield Branch of the YLCA.
The Wakefield branch meets three times per year and is one of 12 branches in Yorkshire. Its aim is to discuss issues of common concern and is linked to the National Association. Cllr Saunders is the new chair and is looking to raise attendance. The PC is entitled to 2 votes at meetings but all councillors are invited and are welcome to attend. Cllr Radford is our nominated representative. She thanked Cllr Saunders for his presentation.

3. Minutes of the last meeting held on 29th July 2021
The minutes were accepted as a true record. Proposed: Cllr L. Spurdens. Seconded: Cllr A. Lagden.

4. Matters Arising:

Dog waste bins: Cllr Spurdens reported that footfall has decreased and no concerns have been raised from residents near the proposed site. It was agreed that no further action would be taken unless the waste problem recurred.

Defibrillator: Cllr Radford reported that Mr Ralph Horn has offered familiarisation training in the use of the defibrillator. It was agreed that this will be publicised through the Facebook page and posters when arranged.
ACTION: Cllr Radford will liaise with Mr Horn.

Speed enforcement: see item 5.

Social Event: Cllr C Wheatley reported that she had met the new chair of the village hall committee who is keen to organise event. Cllr Wheatley suggested that the creation of a village archive would be a constructive and enjoyable activity in which many residents may like to participate, in order to capture the history of the village. Such future events will be discussed at a joint meeting of VH, PC & Church representatives on a date tba. ACTION: Cllr C Wheatley

Code of Conduct: Cllr Radford reported that no formal adoption needs to be made as our unanimous agreement was officially recorded in previous minutes.

4. Accounts
Cllr. Spurdens reported a current PC bank account balance of £1468.55 with £154 to be paid out.

5. Highways
New road signage by the Darrington Rd bridge, comprising 3T weight restriction, chevrons, road painting denoting SLOW advance warnings and solid white road border markings, has now been recently been completed.

District Cllr Tony Hames raised our shared concerns regarding traffic calming measures and reducing excessive speed on the A639 Doncaster Road and specifically near the busy Darrington Rd junction. Possible solutions may include clearer advance warning, possibly with flashing lights or rumble strips. He will raise this issue with members of WMDC Highways.

Cllr Saunders advised that, in Walton, as a precursor to the possible introduction of a reduction in existing speed limit, the average speed of motorists was measured to provide the necessary data for traffic calming. A traffic survey would always be needed in the first instance, before any justification could be made for such changes. Cllr M Wheatley was tasked with following this up at the July meeting.
ACTION: Cllr M. Wheatley will contact West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership to seek advice their advice on progressing speed enforcement within the village.

More traffic lights are scheduled on Darrington Road, for a single day in October, the date is not yet known.

6. Planning:
Cllr Radford has sent three emails to Highways regarding the hazardous lampposts in the middle of the pavement outside Cawood Gardens. This has also been reported to WMDC by Cllr Hames but apparently the developer, Glam Living, has been slow to respond preventing the re-siting being scheduled.
No new planning applications within our area have been submitted.

7. Correspondence:
Clerks and Councils Direct, Weekly Planning lists, Newsletters from YLCA, White Rose Newsletter, Register of Electors, Agenda for Town and Parish Council liaison group, Wakefield Branch meeting details, catalogues. Wakefield city centre Masterplan. New booking arrangements for the village hall.

Cllr Radford reported that she has liaised with members of the new Village Hall Committee and contact details have now been shared.

The issue of salt provision was discussed. It was agreed that we cannot accept the offer of 5T of loose salt this year as we do not have any suitable storage facility. A solution would be to provide additional salt bins through the village. Cllr Hames offered to raise the issue of salting the roads in remote villages with Highways and report the result.

The website has been updated and hosting fees paid.

8. Any Other Business:

Cllr Spurdens reported that she has ordered the wreath for Remembrance Day.

The Clerk has updated the New Residents Welcome sheet and Cllr Lagden offered to distribute this to new residents.

Residents attending the meeting expressed concerns about overhanging branches from trees in the grounds of the village hall. They were advised this was not a matter for the PC and any queries should be taken up with the Village Hall Committee.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.50pm.

Date of Next Meeting: 7.30pm Thursday 25th November 2021

7.30pm Thursday 29th July 2021

  1. Present: Cllrs. S. Radford (Chair) , A. Lagden, E. Spurdens, C. Wheatley and M. Wheatley, and Clerk Ms J. Kendall.

Apologies: None

Four members of the public attended the meeting,

  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on: 27th May 2021

The minutes were accepted as a true record. Proposed:  Cllr C. Wheatley, Seconded: Cllr L. Spurdens.

  1. Matters Arising:

Dog waste bins: Cllr Spurdens reported that no concerns have been raised from residents near the proposed site. Cllr Radford reported that other local villages had installed these bins, but it appeared volunteers were responsible for their emptying and restocking of bags. As our village is small it may not be a viable option without the assistance of WMDC. It was agreed to enquire further into the situation.  (SR & LS)

Defibrillator: Cllr Radford reported that Mr Ralph Horn has now replaced the old pads. The replacements cost £56 & will expire on 28 November 2023.  Requests for volunteers to be trained in the use of the defibrillator will be published as soon as suitable numbers can be confirmed with Mr Horn. She thanked Cllr M. Wheatley for installing movement activated solar lighting above the defibrillator enabling its use during the hours of darkness.

Speed enforcement: Cllr Radford reported that WMDC are reluctant to impose further traffic calming measures in the village without evidence of their necessity, evidenced by accident statistics and have no plans to take any initiatives at present. She reported that, looking at other villages within WMDC area, it seems that success in imposing any speed restrictions has been achieved by: traffic surveys, residents’ consultation, PACT meetings, hand-held speed cameras and consultation and approval by WYCPP.

ACTION: Cllr M. Wheatley will contact West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership to seek advice their advice on progressing speed enforcement within the village.

  1. Accounts:  Cllr. Spurdens reported a current PC bank account balance of £1468.
  2. Highways:

Cllr Radford reported that several potholes have been marked for repair in Darrington Road abutting the Cawood Gardens development.

In relation to our continuing concerns about the hazardous Doncaster Rd/ Darrington Rd junction, it appears that the suggested of use of a convex mirror at this location is not a method recommended or supported by WMDC for a variety of reasons. However, District Cllr Tony Hames has advised that members of WMDC Highways are to visit and assess safety measures, subsequent to the building of six new dwellings at  Potwells Farm and any impact of additional traffic, to assess if the current speed signage and road markings are adequate.

Resurfacing work is due to start on Sandy Gate Lane and Rigg Lane in August which will necessitate road closures at these locations.

  1. Planning:

Cllr Radford confirmed that concerns about the dangerous current siting of the two lighting columns and a telegraph pole at the centre of the pavement outside Cawood Gardens has been raised by Cllr Hames with the Highways Dept.. It appears these should have been listed for re-siting in the original planning application but, by an oversight, were not. BT and Amey Engineering have been requested to undertake this work. Cllr Radford has written to WMDC pointing out the dangers to pedestrians in the meantime and asking when this will be rectified. However, it seems this is in likely to be until later in the year.

  1. Correspondence:

Clerks and Councils Direct, Weekly Planning lists, Newsletters from YLCA, White Rose Newsletter, Register of Electors, Agenda for Town and Parish Council liaison group, Wakefield Branch meeting details, catalogues. Bookings for the village hall.

  1. Any Other Business:

Adoption of the Model Code of Conduct for Councillors: all present agreed to adopt this and Cllr Radford is looking into formal adoption procedures with the Monitoring Officer at WMDC.

Cllr C Wheatley reported that a village social has been requested in view of numerous events being cancelled due to the COVID lockdown. It was agreed to liaise with the Village Hall Committee for possible available dates.

Cllr Radford expressed concern that several vacancies on the Village Hall Committee may impact adversely on bookings for community group activities, but will endeavour to arrange a meeting with VH representatives to clarify the situation and offer what assistance may be required.

Cllr Lagden reported dumped waste on Sandy Gate Lane has been reported as fly-tipping by a concerned resident and promptly cleared by WMDC.

Yet another enquiry has been received from a party interested in the purchase and development of the Old Village School. The current owner has not indicated if he wishes to sell and the enquirer has been informed to contact the Land Registry for owner details as the PC cannot provide this information under the terms of the Data Protection Act.

Residents attending the meeting expressed concerns about lack of parking at the top of the village and inability to arrange any suitable arrangements to use the VH car park. They were advised this was not a matter for the PC and any queries should be taken up with the Village Hall Committee.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.35pm.

Date of Next Meeting:  7.30pm Thursday 30th September 2021


7.30pm Thursday 27th May 2021

1. Present: Cllrs. S. Radford, A. Lagden, E. Spurdens, C. Wheatley and M. Wheatley, and Clerk Ms J. Kendall.

Apologies: None

One member of the public attended the meeting, Cllr Tony Hames, who was welcomed to the meeting.

2. Minutes of the last meeting held on: 25th March 2021

The minutes were accepted as a true record. Proposed: Cllr L. Spurdens, Seconded: Cllr C. Wheatley.

3. Matters Arising:

Dog waste bins: Cllr Spurdens retabled concerns that a dog waste bin could be unsightly and possibly attract dumping of litter. She not yet heard from affected residents, living in close proximity to the common pathway, who are monitoring the situation. Cllr Spurdens will report back at the next meeting. This item was therefore deferred.

Notice board: Cllr Radford has purchased a new lockable board which can be attached to the present board and it will be erected as soon as possible. (Now done, with thanks to two local residents for their kind assistance.)

Defibrillator: The Clerk reported that she had spoken to Mr Ralph Horn who is overseeing the defibrillator and willing to train interested persons in its use.

Cllr Radford reported that she had spoken to representatives of the village hall, regarding the installation of a defibrillator solar light and further discussion will take place when the cost of purchase and installation is clearer.

Cllr M. Wheatley agreed to look into coatings for solar lighting, although it is recognised that this must be positioned so that it does not adversely affect the cottages backing on to the carpark.

Speed enforcement: see item 5 Highways below.

4. Accounts:  Cllr. Spurdens reported a current PC bank account balance of £761.

5. Highways:

A resident has contacted the PC with details of his concerns about speeding traffic on Darrington Road and suggesting the need for traffic calming measures, and highlighting the problems at the blind junction with Doncaster Road, the lack of signage and speeding on Doncaster Road.

This was discussed at length and the associated problems with the possible reduction of the current 30mph speed limit without any means of ensuring its enforcement. It was agreed that the only real deterrent to speeding traffic would be to install a permanent speed camera.

Cllr Hames agreed to raise these concerns with the WMDC Transport executive.

The Clerk will draft a reply to the resident.

Cllr Hames reported that the disruptive traffic lights on Darrington Road are due to be completed by June 6th. However, he raised concerns that the sewerage may not be adequate so further disruption may be expected.

He informed the meeting that 6 new properties are being developed at Potwells farm on Sandy Gate Lane, this will significantly increase traffic using the junction on Doncaster Road. In addition, the Cricket club is increasingly active which is also increasing traffic at the junction. He will pursue this with the Highways department.

Cllr Radford raised the issue that police accident figures, upon which Wakefield Council rely to assess highway enhancements and traffic calming measures, do not provide an accurate reflection of the true extent of the problem, neither at the junction with Doncaster Road nor at the bend by the bridge on Darrington Road.

However, in response to the PC’s recent request, a chevron sign has been erected but we still await further signage and road marking to delineate the road width.

Similarly road signage at the Doncaster road junction has been refreshed but we await improved road marking, drawing the attention of drivers on the main road to the potential hazard of emerging traffic from Darrington Road.

Potholes are still bad through the village, particularly at the Cawood Gardens development and this will be monitored for discussion at the next meeting.

On a positive note, it was reported that the farm traffic, which was raised as a concern in January, has improved throughout the village.

6. Planning:

Cllr Radford reported that recent planning applications had been submitted for housing alterations and development by both numbers 18 (approved) and 71 Darrington Road. She advised Councillors to refer to the details on WMDC website for full information and report any concerns, which she would then collate for our formal response, if any, to the Planning Dept..

Cllr Hames reported that a planning application had been submitted for a cafe in Hundhill to which there are objections over increased noise and traffic. The Manse is now up for sale with planning for a separate dwelling. The development for 6 dwellings at Potwells farm land  has been approved..

Concerns over the development at the Paddock, now called Cawood Gardens, were raised. Residents have expressed disappointment with the new builds; the development is deemed unsightly and the central gap, affording a view toward the church, is feared a likely target for further future development, despite a Restricted Development conditional order being imposed on new purchasers of the dwellings.

7. Correspondence:

Clerks and Councils Direct, Weekly Planning lists, Newsletters from YLCA, White Rose Newsletter, Register of Electors, Agenda for Town and Parish Council liaison group, Wakefield Branch meeting details, catalogues.

The Clerk will add the request for Scrutiny and Standards for members to the website.

Cllr Spurdens reported that 2 more shelves are to be fitted in the phone box.

Rural Broadband Consultations: Cllr Radford will respond, providing anecdotal information but advising that we do not have the capacity to collect the detailed information requested.

8. Any Other Business:

Adoption of the Model Code of Conduct for Councillors: Cllr Radford recommended that this revised document be adopted and this will be ratified at the next meeting. She will investigate the requisite form for completion by Councillors in respect of Declarations of Interest.

It was agreed that the Allotment Tenancy Agreement should be updated, with appropriate conditions, to allow the siting of a small shed by the allotment tenants.

Cllr C Wheatley will take over oversight of the Allotment from Cllr Radford and will also keep waiting lists of interested parties for each of the rental assets, for reallocation as and when these are vacated by tenants.

Cllr Lagden reported a resident’s concerns regarding full, possibly blocked, drains along Darrington Road. It was suggested that the resident be best advised to report such concerns via the specific form on the WMDC website, as this has been proved to be most effective means of ensuring remedial action is undertaken and also avoiding duplication.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.15pm.

Date of Next Meeting7.30pm Thursday 29th July 2021



Thursday 27th May 2021 at 7.00pm


  1. Attendance & Apologies

Cllrs S. Radford, A. Lagden, M Wheatley, C Wheatley, E Spurdens, Clerk Ms J Kendall.

Also, Wakefield District Cllr T. Hames.

Cllr Radford congratulated Cllr Tony Hames on his election, extending a welcome to all attendees.

  1. Election of Chair

Cllr Radford was unanimously re-elected as Chair. Proposed Cllr E. Spurdens, Seconded Cllr A Lagden.

  1. Minutes of the last AGM meeting – 1stJuly 2020

The 3 large allotments had not been included in the list of rental assets.

The website has now been updated so that it is accessible and fully compliant.

These were accepted as a true record. Proposed Cllr S. Radford, Seconded Cllr E. Spurdens.

  1. Accounts Annual Governance and Accountability Return: Cllr. E. Spurdens

The Internal Audit was completed by John Ransome. This was approved.

The papers for the External Audit were completed.

ACTION: The Clerk will add these to the website, send the required documents to the auditors and display the papers on the noticeboard.

  1. Review of Rents

It was agreed to make a small increase to apply from January 2022:

Large allotments to increase to £15

Small allotments to remain at £10

Garages to increase to £30

Common Piece land to increase to £65.

  1. Any Other Business – None

In closing, the Chair extended thanks, on behalf of all Councillors to Clerk Ms Kendall, for her hard work and contribution to EHPC website improvements over the past year, to the continued benefit of all residents.

The meeting closed at 7.28pm