Vacancy on Village Hall Committee

East Hardwick Village Hall is run by volunteers. They currently have a vacancy for Committee Chair Person. The role includes chairing meetings, organising general up keep of the building, supporting fund raising planning and activities.  The Chair will be supported by the Treasurer, Secretary, Booking lead and a group of local volunteers. The future of the Village Hall is dependant on community support, so please consider helping us keep this local facility open. If you want to know more, please contact Leanne Vickers 07725537423 or Ann Stark 07850 638492

Vacancy on the Parish Council

There is soon to be a vacancy on the Parish Council. If you would be interested in joining the Parish Council then we would be pleased to hear from you, please contact us by email, see the Contacts page or speak to a Parish Councillor.

Village Hall Update September 2020

The following steps have been put in place to assist with the reopening the East Hardwick Village Hall on 7th September.
This assists and reassures the community that we can safely reopen the building and maintain social distancing:
 Determine the safe occupancy level for the building, which is detailed in the VH Risk Assessment (displayed in the VH window)

 Review opening and closing times of the building to allow staggered usage giving more opportunity for social distancing

 Introducing signage and markings to aid with social distancing

 Reducing the amount of people allowed in the VH at any one time

 Stipulated no Kitchen or changing facilities are available

 Deployed additional cleaning routines by the VH Caretakers who will carry out frequent wiping down of regularly touched surfaces on days the building is in use

 Introduced additional communication so we can keep in touch with Group Leaders and VH Users, this supports monitoring of compliance of the new measures and ensuring hand sanitisers and cleaning products are always available

 Provided contact details for VH Caretakers and Group Leaders so users can contact with queries before travelling to building

 Introduced one way system for entry and exit of VH

 Reviewed procedures for external visitors – By appointment only. Number of external visitors limited

 Working with Group Leaders, VH Committee to regularly review the arrangements put in place.

 Bookings for Parties/Wedding receptions are temporary suspended.

 All groups prior to using the VH will provide a Risk Assessment that the VH Committee will consider in line with GOV guidance

March 2020 Update

Dear East Hardwick Community


Unsurprisingly, our Parish Council Meeting, planned for 26 March 2020, was cancelled on the advice of the National Association of Local Councils, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

However, all Parish Councillors have been in constant touch and we can now report news and other items of interest to residents, since our meeting in January.

VE CELEBRATIONS – sadly these plans have fallen victim to the coronavirus epidemic and the reluctant decision made to postpone celebrations until later in the year. But what marvellous ‘when the war is over’ celebrations they will be!

ALLOTMENTS & GARAGES – new tenancy policies have all been agreed and signed by respective tenants and rents collected. Advice about the use of allotments during the isolation period has been issued to tenants to avoid virus spreading.

PLANNING – a decision was made by WMDC Highways & Planning Committee on 16 Jan 2020 to REFUSE  ‘in principle’ the application to build 4 dwellings on land known as the Paddock, betwixt 33 & 43 Darrington Rd..

On 20 February 2020, members of the same committee reversed that decision, after a second site visit & perusal of further documentation from Planning Officers, so APPROVING the application by Gareth Morgan of Fortis Developments.

The explanation subsequently provided by WMDC Planning Services was that any reasons for refusal had to satisfy three tests re. clarity, relevancy and reasonableness (S8  Planning Code of Conduct). Planning Officers did not consider the two reasons put forward by Members constituted grounds for refusal, pointing out that under S8.3 of the Code of Conduct, planning officers should not be asked to invent or find reasons to support the decision made by members.

The approval, however, did have a codicil stating:

  • this was subject to the original conditions and reasons set out in the 16 January report (see online WMDC Mins)
  • an additional condition be imposed to secure a management plan relating to the area of land in the middle of the site, to ensure it remained open and free from development
  • referral of the application to the Secretary of State under S77(1) Town & Country Planning Act 1990

On 30 March, the Secretary of State informed the Parish Council that he felt the application was such that it should be decided upon at local level ie. a matter for Wakefield District Council.

Therefore the Planning Application remains ‘approved’. The PC is not aware of any further appeals that can be made by objectors, at this stage.


The owner has now kindly cleared overhanging branches and cut down bracken and foliage, immediately improving the street scene, for which the PC extends its thanks on behalf of the village.


These have now been addressed by WMDC Highways, after road marking and await final implementation.

Discussions re traffic speed control are ongoing with WMDC.

FINANCE – awaiting final statements from bank. C/f to next meeting.


Two bollards appeared mysteriously, near the entrance to PC allotment site. Enquiries revealed that WDH, the land owner, had erected these in response to complaints by garage tenants who believed that unauthorised parking was taking place on a non designated plot. WDH subsequently sent a letter of apology to the PC  explaining that, by an oversight, the views of the PC and their allotment tenants had not been sought prior to the implementation. The matter is ongoing, after complaints regarding difficulty of access now caused for allotment tenants.


After a trial period on Facebook, the Parish Council now has its own website group page with some 50 members! Residents, friends and relatives are able to view items of relevance and interest and post comments, photos and advice themselves. In this difficult period of isolation, the page has proved a valuable means of communicating crime info, neighbourhood offers of help, puzzles, humorous stories and generally helping members feel they are part of a strong village community, hopefully!

Please join if you’re interested…join Facebook first, then search in Groups for ‘East Hardwick Parish Council’, then request to join…simple as that.

OUR NEXT MEETING : Thursday 28 May 2020

We hope to arrange a video-conference meeting, as it is the PC AGM, but this will be subject to prior discussion and agreement.

I do hope you have found this helpful. Please feel free to ask any further questions or raise matters that you feel appropriate for our discussion, via the Contact Form on the PC website.

May you all keep safe and well in the meantime.

Kind regards

Sheila Radford


On behalf of East Hardwick Parish Council


Bus Information Strategy 2019-24

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority is looking at how to provide information about bus services in a way that best meets people’s requirements. We are asking for public feedback on our proposed Bus Information Strategy 2019-24 until 25 August 2019. Further information is available via

Our evidence shows that our customers are increasingly using online options to access bus information to plan their journeys. By contrast, Transport Focus research tells us that just 8% of passengers in West Yorkshire still use printed timetables.

This shift to online information is borne out by nearly 2 million users visiting the Metro website almost 6 million times over the past 12 months. More than 3.2 million bus timetables were downloaded and people accessed our yournextbus real-time information service 14.1 million times via the Metro site. Yournextbus was used 39 million times via apps using open data provided by the Combined Authority.

Although the demand for the traditional, printed sources of information is declining, we recognise that there are still a number of passengers who rely on them. We want feedback from people to understand their requirements.

Our updated Bus Information Strategy acknowledges this and sets out how we plan to provide information in the form people want and to increase awareness of the information sources that are available.

How can people have their say?

People will be able to use online and printed questionnaires to provide feedback. There will also be a series of organised focus groups at colleges and community groups along with drop-in sessions at bus stations across the county. Information will also be available at West Yorkshire Travel Centres.

You can find out more about the engagement through our Your Voice portal at or if you would prefer printed information please email or call Metroline on 0113 245 7676.

We will be assessing all the feedback received and will incorporate these views into a finalised Bus Information Strategy which will be presented to the Combined Authority Transport Committee meeting in November.


Village Hall Committee

The East Hardwick Village Hall Committee is looking for new members who can help to keep the village hall open and running smoothly.

The committee meets 4 times a year to discuss general maintenance and fund raising ideas. Members also take turns to check on the hall to ensure it has been left tidy before the next group use the hall. This is done by a weekly rota, which is very flexible. We use our funds to pay for a weekly cleaner and a gardener who cuts the grass fortnightly in the warmer months.

Please speak to members of the committee by ringing;

Leanne Vickers 07985 112426 or Ann Stark 01977 620668

Remembrance 2018

Wreaths were placed at the war memorial at the  service of Remembrance on Sunday 11th November. Beacons were lit in the evening to commemorate the end of the 1st World War.

Remembrance 2018 B. Pollard

Casual Vacancy Filled

The Casual Vacancy has been filled. The new Parish Councillor is Ms Elizabeth Spurdens.

Mobile Library service in East Hardwick

The mobile library will be making 3-weekly visits to East Hardwick, starting Thursday 12th July 2018 at 11.40 – 12 noon. We park on the spare land (leading to a farmer’s track) after number 30 Common Place Lane.  We will then be visiting on the following dates:

Thursday 2nd August

Thursday 23rd August

Thursday 13th September

Thursday 4th October